Catskill Quest for the ADK-Long Island Plaque [found 12/2/2017!]

 [found 12/2/2017!]

Whoever finds the Plaque will earn a free membership for a year, and a place in our chapter’s history.  Then you get to hide the Plaque again!  Here are the clues:

My highbrow parents look down from above.
They’ve hidden me deep in the name of Love.
Nearby a brook goes swiftly I see,
to join with another at a place we can’t be.
Start at 1,200 to trek up the hill,
and turn off at the 2nd right, if you will.
Along the top a tenth or two you’ll follow,
mind you go slow as you drop in the hollow.
Cross over the other and to the right do curve.
Then climb to the woods road and the Forest Preserve.
Now I am not far, on the left I will be,
for it’s less than a mile from your car to me.
I am folded in a letter that stands for my name.
Though upside down, it still means the same.
A many-rooted maple towers on high,
and an ugly, grey slab joins us nearby.
Eastward, a sentry stands watch and guards me.
He keeps me protected by land or by sea.
But if you take note of the night’s light above,
My treasure will be yours, as well as my Love.
The trail to my heart is obscure and old.
The ghost of Golden passes by untold.
On once a chief’s land to a camp now quiet.
Above the wedding of waters, I lay silent.
So come, start your rise, on a particular day’s course.
Northward, two brooks beckon, each from a scholarly
In between, aside a woods road, a boulder inclines.
Tucked under an L or 7, my Love is enshrined.

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