The Plaque is Back!

The ADK Long Island Catskill Plaque has been found, once again!

Keep an eye on the Mountaineer and the website for the clues of where to find it next (once we hide it again)!

The plaque was last hidden in June of 2015.

Intreprid explorer Eric and Paula tracked it down in the shadow of Cornell and Wittenberg:

The plaque was wedged under this boulder:

Here are the deciphered clues:

My highbrow parents look down from above.  [Cornell and Wittenberg, both the names of Universities]

Nearby a brook goes swiftly I see,  [ Wittenberg Brook ]
to join with another at a place we can’t be. [ Joins with a tributary on private land by Moonhaw Road]
Start at 1,200 to trek up the hill,  [The parking area is at 1200 feet elevation]

Eastward, a sentry stands watch and guards me. [ Samuels Point is due East ]

The trail to my heart is obscure and old.  [ The location is on an old trail/logging road ]
The ghost of Golden passes by untold. [Golden VanBenschoten the caretaker of the Moon Haw hunting club cut trails there in the early 1920’s ]
On once a chief’s land to a camp now quiet. [ Apparently, there once was a Chief Moonhaw there]
Above the wedding of waters, I lay silent.  [ This is above the joining of the two brooks ]

Northward, two brooks beckon, each from a scholarly source.  [ Again Cornell and Wittenberg are both the names of universities ]

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