Lone and Rocky

Sunday, 05/15/2016

I am Winter, who is a wonder canine. Some humans categorize me as miniature poodle 4 years old. Sunday morning @ 4AM, my dear friend Eunsil woke me up. I can bare this only because I know that she will take me beautiful forest where I can be wild again.

After long 3.5 hour driving, the curvy long Denning road gave me car sick. I signaled to Eunsil, but she did not understand. God… well…she will not like it, but I had to vomit, and after all, I felt so much better. Hew ~~~

At the trailhead, I met hiking friends, Ed and Connie. They are so happy to see me, and they are the super leaders who will help to navigate Lone & Rocky mt.

40’s un-usual cold weather for the time of year looked iffy, our groups started hike from Denning trailhead just after 9 am, and then finished at 7 pm. I had to stop at crossing of high bridges (First and Second one) of the Neversink River. The gap between the boards of the bridge was huge, in fact, bigger than my paw. There was enough height to trigger Acrophobia. Eunsil lift me up and carry over the bridges. We followed Fisherman’s path all the way to basin of the Rocky. In the between, we early crossed over to the west side of the river see if that way was better. We crossed over after Donovan Brook, which was later, noticed many beaver dams on the way back down. There were some secluded campsites, and tried to stay to middle of riverbed which was flat or brushy. This west side branch eventually met with herd path when East side Fisherman’s path cross over to West side of the Neversink upper side. Then at near the Rock basin, we cross over to East side again, after crossing over first side branch, we start heading up to Rocky – 155 bearing. After hitting Rocky, we had nice view at the lookout point near the summit, and heading down to col then start heading up to Lone, more towards to right to avoid the steep cliffy area. We had nice snack @ view point near the summit again, heading down… after 4:30? We were at the parking lot just after 7pm. Thanks to Ed and Connie for very nice navigation combo. Weather was cold enough such that we are getting the little snowy flakes instead of rain. I finished 35th peek of the Catskill 35, now 4 peaks to go! Yahoo!


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